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- UX / UI Planning & Design

- Creative Design

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pistachio have created a beautiful website for us, with a user-friendly interface, powerful, engaging & great UX to drive our busy e-commerce business

Dominic Spooner, Marketing Manager, Copas Turkey

how we did it

immersive E-commerce UX


Pistachio were approached to provide a new e-commerce web platform for the UK’s most famed and finest Turkey supplier, Copas. In need of a complete rethink and approach to their web platform, Copas lent on the expertise, knowledge and talent of the Pistachio design to team to revitalise its web presence.

What we did:

Taking on the most current UX & UI trends whilst considering the audience we were trying to appeal to and at the same time being complimentary to the existing Copas Turkey brand; Pistachio developed a web platform that has seen higher levels of engagement and footfall on the website and more importantly, more sales of Turkeys through the website platform.


effective e-Commerce solution

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