Snow Day!

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11th December 2017

by Charlotte Wilson

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Good afternoon fellow survivors! If you’re reading this then you’ve survived the treacherous snow blizzard of 2017, congratulations! Not only that, but you’ve still managed to log onto your computer, smart phone or tablet today to no doubt share your unique snow-day photos that absolutely, categorically do not look like anyone else’s on social media ….

I jest, I jest, because this is exactly what the Pistachio team are about to do – show you our snow day photos!

We’re a lucky bunch here at Pistachio, having one office in the lovely town of Marlow and another in Nottingham city centre – because this means that our staff and offices are spread far and wide across the UK. So, when we all woke up to a healthy blanket of snow yesterday morning, the work WhatsApp group was immediately abuzz with everyone’s snow-filled antics from across the country.

So, let’s start down-south, well as far south as our creative teams tendrils reach – Marlow, that fancy little town where Londoner’s retreat to after a hard-fought decade on the front line of social climbing, overcrowded transport and overpriced chardonnay. Not that the chardonnay is much cheaper in Marlow, but at least you can walk down the high-street without being winded by a Selfridges bag.

Now as the children set to work in the garden, our very own Queen Cleopatra of the design world, Emmy, lorded over her munchkins from the warmth of her Berkshire palace whilst directing them to create this stylish snowy creation – much like her time spent in the Pistachio design studio, Emmy always has a clear vision when creating her masterpieces – great work girls!

Next up, just down the road on the outskirts of Maidenhead, before the sun had barely risen on the snow-capped houses of this picturesque Berkshire town, Pistachio Director Paul had already turfed his little helpers out of bed and got them to work on this rather suave looking snow gentleman, all before the un-godly hour of 9am! (Did someone say slave driver? It’s called the day of REST Paul). We get the feeling that Paul’s competitive streak of wanting to be the first to submit a fully-formed Snowman to the group chat may have driven his motivation on this…

Still within Berkshire’s grasp near Cookham Dean, Pistachio Creative Director Marie, felt she was too much of a visionary to create the traditional snowman, so instead made her son dance outside in the freezing conditions to get that perfect click-bait post content instead…

Now breaking away from the safety of the south, things went a little off-piste ‘up north’. Account Manager Ella was visiting family in Manchester and so decided to forgo any actual snow-based activity at all and instead kicked back in a hot-tub whilst the flakes came down around her, as you do. We can neither confirm nor deny whether that was really tea in her mug…but we suspect not…

Not too far away from the hot-tub party for one, Comms Manager Charlotte had been sampling the delights of the Birmingham Christmas markets when the snow ‘storm’ struck – meaning she had to watch her (adult) cousin build an actual igloo out of snow whilst she desperately prayed for the trains to start running again. RIP to the fingers, toes and patience that were lost that afternoon…

Holding the fort in the East Midlands, Pistachio Notts designer, Chris had no time for building snowmen or taking instagrammable photos. He was too busy being a proper northerner and berating all us ‘softie southerners’ for losing our minds over a little bit of snow – we did manage to squeeze a snap of his scenic looking street out of him though!

Now finally we head back to the warmer climes of the south-east of England to a village near Saunderton where Pistachio forward-thinking digital mastermind Rich is living in 2047 with his Cowboy-Cyborg Snowman, who can already programme your app, code your website AND cook you a mean Coq au Vin.

We hope you enjoyed our snow-day antics, please share your own with us by tweeting @PistachioUK

Want to see what we get up to when we’re not too busy throwing snowballs at each other? Check out some of our latest design, digital and strategic campaigns we’ve been creating for our clients here

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