Moronic Monday

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23rd July 2018

by Charlotte Wilson

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So, it looks like it is one of those Monday’s folks, you know the one, where everyone seems to have left their head, or at the very least, their manners, at home.

We know it’s hot outside, REALLY hot, I mean is England just a tropical country now? Is this how we’re all expected to live until the end of time? Not knowing how to dress comfortably, needing our seventeenth shower by 10:30am and constantly having 4.5 desk fans positioned on us, and our Mac’s, at all times? It might be so, and if this is the reason why irritability/stupidity stakes are dangerously high this summer then we better all just get it off of our chests now and have a little moan so that we can all survive this sweltering Monday with our criminal records still relatively intact.

Don’t worry, I am obviously greatly exaggerating, but we have noticed that there has been a recent flurry of work-based blogs flying around that touch on the more irritatingly petty annoyances of office life, which has led us to share some of our favourite examples that have really made us giggle. So, if you work with clients, external stakeholders or, just human beings in general, sit back, relax and let us help restore your faith in yourself – because trust us, it isn’t just you…

1. Buzzfeed lets rip…

An anonymous Buzzfeed writer has joyfully (for us) compiled a list of ’18 Amazingly Stupid Things Clients Say’ the source-pool being from a bunch of Irish creative professionals who have shared some interesting feedback they’ve had from clients throughout the design process. We’ve picked our top 3…

“We need to remove the baby’s ear – or at least move it round the side of his head a bit”

Oh my. Poor baby…

“I like it, but can the snow look a little warmer?”

I’m sure they could make it yellow for you…

“Can you turn it around in photoshop so we can see more of the front…?”

Oh lawwwwd give me strength.

For even more LOLZ, read the full article here. This series was created by copywriters, art directors, designers, animators, directors, and illustrators, with all proceeds going to aid Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

2. Brandpacks does it for the ‘gram

The ‘gram being how the cool kids talk about Instagram these days. Brandpacks is a company that provide templates for graphic designers and they have really found their groove online by posting anonymous quotes from their clients, clients on their Instagram account. Check out their insta (more slang, I know) @brandpacks for regular updates.

Here are few of our faves below…

Yeah sure, working for free is why we all get up in the morning…

Oh yah sure… just let me get the whole band back together…

3. Last but not least, Pinterest…

Not the most obvious choice for satire, but Pinterest has a whole board dedicated to ridiculous things that clients say, and we could spend all day looking at it. Here are just a few of the good ones…

”Can’t we just use an image from the internet?”

Sure, can we just use can of SPAM for Christmas dinner?

“The copy seems to be in Latin, but could be Italian or Spanish.”

I mean….REALLY?…

”We feel that red just isn’t right for Christmas”

Well this is awkward…can someone tell Santa?

Ok that’s enough silliness for one day – and we’d like to point out that obviously none of our lovely clients would drive us to the brink of such despair, but by reading everyone else’s pain, we do feel much better on this busy Monday afternoon.

In addition, we did also write a fantastic blog on how to give good design feedback which you can read here – it really does make the world of difference!

Thanks for reading!

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