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8th January 2018

by Charlotte Wilson

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If you are an avid reader of the Pistachio blog, and let’s face it, you really should be – then you will have picked up the scent that one of the Pistachio New Year’s resolutions was to drink lots and lots of water. Such a sensible endeavour, right? To replenish our bodies with the good stuff – good, pure H2O! Hooray for water, that plentiful and slippery substance that makes up a whopping 65% of our human bodies – making it very important to our daily diet, right? Well shockingly the majority of us don’t drink nearly enough of it on a daily basis, meaning that we’re missing out on utilising all of the benefits of a fully hydrated body.

And what are those brilliant benefits I hear you cry? Well they include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

• Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue. …
• Promotes Weight Loss. …
• Flushes Out Toxins. …
• Improves Skin Complexion. …
• Maintains Regularity (I’m not smirking, you are) …
• Boosts Immune System. …
• Natural Headache Remedy. …
• Prevents Cramps & Sprains…

So how much water are we talking? Well everyone is different depending on your weight, height, metabolism etc but the general consensus in our Marlow office has led us to aim for around 2.5-3 litres per day (that’s about 6-8 full glasses of undiluted water) to feel the full effects of this not-so-secret ingredient to the elixir of youth, energy and motivation. All seems well and good, right? A hydrated, clear skinned, revived creative agency team that’s ready to take on January at full speed? Well with one shared toilet between either sex at Pistachio HQ, the great 2018 Pistachio water movement has thrown up some ill-thought out office side-effects in facilities management. Not only that but the race for hydration enlightenment has gotten so out of control that tensions between many a self-titled ‘Hydration Messiah’ has reached breaking point. So, to calm tensions in the office and ensure a smooth and harmonious January where we can live in hydrated harmony, I’ve had to draw up the three golden rules of Hydration Club to restore some order:

Rule 1.

The first rule of hydration club – never talk about hydration club. Surprising as it might be, not everyone wants to float through January of clear mind and liver, some of us, not naming any names, but some of us still want to exist on 70% caffeine and liquor thank you very much, so keep your hydration club preaching to a minimum.

Rule 2.

Label your water receptacle and do not use anyone else’s, and do not think you’re doing anyone a favour by putting theirs in the dishwasher for them. Nothing will escalate quicker than a squabble over who’s state-of-the-art, fruit infusing, hydration tracking, vegan-certified drinks container has been ruined by an over-zealous dose of Finish power tablets.

Rule 3.

Keep your toilet trips to under 3 minutes. As previously mentioned we only have one toilet cubicle per assigned-gender in the Pistachio office, and with nearly 30 litres being consumed between staff in one working day, we should all work towards avoiding any mishaps by keeping toilet trips to 180 seconds. Get in, get on with it and get out, this is not a drill soldier, unless you want to be the one propping up the ‘caution wet floor’ sign – which I don’t think you do.

So, there you have it, the three essential rules needed to ensure the safe practise of Hydration Club in your office this January. Share them, save them, print them off or carve them in stone whilst standing atop an ancient mountain, whatever you do stay safe, stay hydrated, and stay in the club.

And if you think that keeping suitably hydrated sounds too much like hard work – don’t be put off, because it really does help increase alertness and productivity – something I’m sure we all need a little help with after the festive period. Don’t believe us? Check out just how fast our strategic, digitally and design focused little minds are working this January by following us and checking out some of our latest work. And if you’re already hooked on Hydration Club and want to know more then check out the work we’ve done with actual hydration-know-it-all’s the EDWCA.

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